When King Sombra had been destroyed by the Mane 6, he was going to start to succeed where his fallen master failed: conquering Crystal Empire!

Captain Kirsch

He was once a general/captain of Sombra's old armies when the tyrant took control on The crystal empire(Third time).

But he's got defunct due to the point of view of a sudden urge about the news that he's been destroyed in the process by Spike the dragon and his friend, twilight sparkles and the mane 6.

Partly he's going to great lengths to repay his master by extracting the the tree of harmony DNA in order to create a facsimile of the ancient tree which has the abilities to drain all of the magics of equestria ponie that dwellth within the trait of their human counterparts from themselve.

He and his crew, Hallow lodge the buffalo, the chlorophyll pony Forest demon, the goblin pony called Malice and the demon brothers,Heat and Snow, and the grime but slightly slimy Splurgk the purple Smooze, who has join up with him on a mission to set their sights on the human world where the first time they'd hire Gloriosa, the forest scientists in training, to make sure the corrupted tree of harmony is hidden and told her to send out the flyers to support their own business starting with a bulldozer(which was staged and or hired by KirschHeels himself)In order to lure out princess twilight and spike and his friends out from mirror portal.