Fallin' Love is a song from the original MOTHER, a 1989 Role-playing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's notable for taking place in the then modern day America.

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The song in question plays when the main characters, Ninten and Ana dance with each other alone before they confess their love to each other. There is the original 8 bit rendition and the OST version.


MOTHER 1 Soundtrack - And Fallin' Love06:20

MOTHER 1 Soundtrack - And Fallin' Love

The OST Version

Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero) Music - Fallin' (in?) Love03:15

Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero) Music - Fallin' (in?) Love

The original, 8-bit version.


Note:These lyrics mainly go to the OST version of Fallin' Love but the harp and violin (viola? (bass? (Cello? (I don't know, strings aren't exactly my forte (Or any musical instrument for that matter))))) can be sung in the 8-bit version. These lyrics were purely, 100% created by myself though I could never do it without the splendid music. These lyrics are in Ana's point of view.

Legend: V:Violin (or whatever instrument it is). H: Harp thingy. T:Trumpet. ...-Other instruments.


V-I think I'm fall-

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love

I know I'm fall-

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love


And as we dance

Dance our dance

Dance of love

I feel my heart

Know my heart's

Touching yours


H-I sigh as finally (two syllables) I

Can melt into you my babe (y?)

We have been given this chance

So that we maaaay-

T-My sweet knight with a base(ball) bat

I met you in my sweetest dreams

V-And since that night

I've been in love

Fallin' Love

And now that they're

Out the way

You are mine


V(And Piano)-I am so glad

Glad that you

Feel the same

Now we can leave

Leave our fears

All behind


I love your touch

Touch on-

Me when I'm hurt baby

Please stay with me

When this-

Is all over baby

T-I'm so weak yet

So strong when you're-

Near me

I want you baby

V-Due to me fall-

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love

I can not love

Some other

Other boy

I am in love

With you babe

With you babe

Kiss upon my

My young lips

My young lips

I am fallin'

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love

You are Fallin'

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love

We are Fallin'

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love

We will never

Lose this night

Lose this night

Cause we have Fell-

Fellin' Love

Fellin' Love

And so our song

Our song fades

To the night

But it will ring

In our heads

In out heads

We have fallin'

Fallin' Love

Fallin' Love

(IF there are more just repeat the last one)

The DanceEdit

Earthbound Zero Dance01:55

Earthbound Zero Dance

Is it bad that I want to do this dance one day....possibly with my Ness/Ninten hat?

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