" you should try to be happy..."
—Felecia, suggesting to Zoe that happiness might make Aether work.
Feclecia is a member of The Witches. A quiet and beautiful girl, Felecia doesn't ask for much except for excitement in the life she sees as painstakingly dull.
Felecia Meja Barkman



Country of Origin



September 18th

Blood Type


Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color

Light Blue


Farming, Animals, Adventure, Fun, Excitement, Long walks on the beach at night, Beaches, Swimming, Flying


Boredom, Cleaning, Long cooking, Being a burden, Fainting,


Budding magical abilities. Advanced energy detection.

Proficient in

Flying, Electricity and Animal taming


Felecia is a thin girl in her mid-teens who has very light blue eyes, caramel colored wavy hair and a peach complexion. She was originally seen in an elegant white dress with ruffles, a matching Gainsborough hat and lacked shoes. She has big eyes that seem to widen often. She either seems to look perpetually bored or neutral.


Felecia is a very reserved and shy girl, more so than even Amalija. The only beings she is comfortable around are animals, joking and teasing them lovingly. Around people however, she becomes near mute and mostly communicates with hand gestures and facial expressions. In story she is regarded as being more beautiful than Mother Earth herself and as such constantly bashful and embarrassed due to the constant group of eyes on her whenever she is near people. When she finally does talk it is usually quiet, hardly reaching above a whisper in volume. She is a thrill seeker, wanting something more than tending the family farm for the rest of her life. She doesn't mind if she isn't noticed all she wants is to be a part of the fun. Though she is very shy around them, she is kind to people and wishes to help them.  She is the purest of the characters and has a weak heart, being prone to fainting.


Role in StoryEdit


  • Felecia is based on the silent film actor Lillian Gish.
  • Her tendency not to talk is based on said actor's role as a silent film actor who used her facial expressions and gestures to convey her feelings when there was no text.
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