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This is the information of events before, during and after the post-apocalyptic fan-fiction It's Me.




  • 1997- Richard Togano and Elizani Worthington are born.


  • 2015- Nicholas Diamond is born.
  • 2016- Jameson Barker is born.
  • 2017- Michael Hammond is born. Some people begin to have even more doubts about humanity using gasoline. Dwindling supplies of fossil fuels convince the eventual majority's point again.
  • 2018- Sophia Rue Allen is born. The US government begins to plan a backup plan incase the fossil fuels run out. They estimate that the fuels will run out around 2030, and it frustrated the ones who believed the fuel would run out very soon, nicknamed "The Apocalyptors".
  • 2019- Richard Togano, a 21 year old Apocalyptor who claimed he had telepathic powers, predicted that sometime next year, fossil fuels will eventually dry up and humanity left a wreck. The non-Apocalyptors dismiss Togano's claims, calling him many, cruel names.


  • 2020- On the afternoon of March 29th, on this very year, The Apocalyptors were right. The gas suddenly dried up from all sources worldwide. Nicknamed "The End", this was the worst event in human history. Humanity went wild as everything powered by gas, including hydroelectric sources, electricity and cars, to name a few. Humanity was set back by approximately two centuries, as desperation seeped across the human race.
  • 2021- Cannibals begin to emerge as Apocalypters survive in the wilderness. Humanity begins to revert to primitive ways, as Richard Togano works on top secret experiments that are harmless in the wilderness along with the Apocalypters.
  • 2024- *SPOILER!!* Elizani Worthington goes missing, causing Richard Togano to go insane.
  • 2025- Richard Togano has kidnapped many human experiments, including the young Nicholas Diamond and Jameson Barker. The scientific prodigy, Togano, adjusts all their mindsets to make them telepathic, augmented humans.
  • 2025-2029- Togano resumes torturing his captives for 4 continuous years. The Apocalyptors were assistants to Togano's plan.
  • 2029- Canara-Songbird Elkson is born.


  • 2030- Fragments of resources from prior to "The End" re-emerge in North America. Primitive boats sail the information to the world, and tension rises. Inner fighting in North America begins for the last sources of fuel.
  • 2031- Invaders surround the coast of North America. They get into the land and fight the civilizations there. Thousands after thousands died on both "sides". Humanity's population declined from 3 billion to 2.5 billion. Many of Togano's human experiments, including Jameson Barker and Nicholas Diamond escape.
  • 2033- Michael Hammond goes missing.
  • 2036- The events of It's Me begin.