My clock goes off, early in the morning.

Get into my uniform , I’m yawning.

Walking to the bathroom slipped very suddenly

Water from the shower, oops it pudderly.

Having my cornflakes , yum yum yum.

Going to the bathroom chewing my gum.

Walking to school I see my mate

He’s with that girl, the one that I hate.

1st lesson English, 2nd lesson art.

In my cooking lesson, jam tart.

Lessons finish 3:15

I see that bully, the one that’s mean.

Avoiding him, I walk down the stairs.

I trip and fall, who cares.

Its holiday time , I’m playing games.

Wasting my time, my mum’s ashamed.

2 weeks later I’m back to school

Same old same old it aint cool.

Bullys still the same.

Teachers even worst.

In a stupid test.

My bladders about to burst.

ReaperxRoll (talk) 19:20, October 7, 2012 (UTC)