Mallisia sat on the hill, her German Shepherd, Ninia, next to her. She lay on her back, gazing into the sky. "Ninia, i wonder what life would be like if Hitler weren't such a big meanie. Maybe you and I would be running around the park, me throwing a ball for you," Mallisia said to her dog. Ninia licked Mallisia's face, and she giggled. Then she looks back into the sky, daydreaming....


It all started when the Germans invaded Poland. Mallisia wasn't allowed to see her Christian friends anymore, or go to school, or go to certain parts of her village. Mallisia's father was killed, along with most of the Jewish men, unless they went into hiding. Then they took Mal's mother, and her older brother. They were all sent to a death camp and killed in gas chambers. Mallisia's grandmother took her in, and she has lived with her ever since. Her grandmama's shop was shut down by Nazis, and Mallisia was kicked out of school at age 12. One of her best friends, Olga, was sent to Belkin-Bergin, and perished there. Now this story, children, happens after all of that. It all starts with a wish... a wish for freedom, for salvation, for a savior...

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