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Sophia Rue Allen
Last Female Alive
Little Sophia Rue
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Rue Allen (née Jordan), Mother- (Deceased)

Norman Allen, Father- (Deceased)

Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'4"
Affiliation Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Species Human
Home Earth
Appearances It's Me
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Sophia Rue Allen, is an 18 year old female from Earth. She is accompanied by 21 year old Nicholas Diamond, and is a character in the post-apocalyptic fan-fiction, It's Me.


Sophia was born with the oddest appearance. Her eyes are white, but Sophia always had white eyes. She has dirty blonde hair that barely reach her shoulders. Her skin is a hue of tan that signifies her mixed heritage. Sophia has a tattoo of a lion below her collarbone. She wears a black, dirty tank-top that is beginning to rip. She wears blue, torn and washed out jeans with dirt ridden tan boots.


Early LifeEdit

Sophia was born on October 14th, 2018 to Norman Allen, and Rue Allen. She was humiliated by toddlers who were scared by her white eyes, making Sophia an outcast already at the age of 2. She met Michael Hammond, and the meeting is her only memory from her toddlerhood. They were the only friends of each other in daycare, and March 29th, 2020 was one of the worst events in modem history.

After the SpillsEdit

On March 29th, 2020; when Sophia and Michael were being picked up from daycare, the sky turned a sickening shade of brown. Gas pumps worldwide ran out of gas and electric pumps were quickly siphoned by desperate hybrid car owners. People rapidly used up the remainders of natural gas at their homes, causing the world to eventually lose access to the power they had for years. Sophia's family moved to the wilderness eventually, as they honed in on their survival skills. Sophia grew up to a quickly changing society, which caused her to become even more of an outcast. The Allen family grew vines and plants around their homes. The family needed as many assistants as possible to survive, so it was troubling when Sophia's mother was pregnant in 2031. Unbeknownst to Sophia, the governments worldwide were cracking slowly, and it would slowly burst soon into a horrible war.

The War of 2031Edit


It's MeEdit




  • Sophia's eyes were based off of the rapper Hopsin's white contacts.
  • She has been mute from her shock since her parents died.