Project N.E.M.E.S.I.S Edit

It's the project by the government and the analyzing every person or things that'd took the result of how it will soon happens.Funding by Professor Pericles and Doubius Edward the third.

Golden Independence Edit

A male pegasi pony with purely but godlike power and Comet Tails and Flash Sentry old friend. But when grows up to be a bold,dashing ,but viciously coldhearted legendary sentry that'll do every thing to beat Flash down. He's Professor Pericles's apparent loyal gentle-colt and must be interchangeable like any humans out on the real world.

though sadly,in his childhood flashback and his painful times on the crystal empire since they were kids.

Lord KirschHeels Edit

He's male Pegasus and a Flash Sentry look-alike. He's as vicious as Vicious on Cowboy Bebop and have even more serious than General Hardcastle from Superman the Animated Series. He's exaggerated of become more serious when he's sees Flash sentry as a 'slack off' and instantly, taking him down hard.

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