The minstrels sing of a land up in the sky

A land that is up, so very up high

The land is shrouded by white, puffy clouds

They don't allow the "land-dwellers" on because it would create quite the rowdy crowd

So the land flies in the sky without making a sound

Never risking touching he ground

The land is older than the Greeks

Older than China

Older than Egypt

Older than Sumeria

Its age is quite unique

If Sumeria is a day old then the flying land's age is a week

The Precursors used their own brain and brawn to lift the land up from the Earth

Thus giving the sky's land its magnificent birth

With tools from ages ago they made the land float

So their intelligence is something the inhabitants still tote

They created the land because they could gaze into the future

They see that other humans advance would force the planet into sutures

And they did not want to experience that world

They took to the sky, remaining stationary while the land below them whirled

They were spared from our wars and countless instances of strife

They took the land-dwellers concerns in stride

Despite their lack of wars, their technology was awesome

Even ages ago, the gap between their technology and ours was absolutely awful

Despite their lack of wars, their technology marched on

If you showed one of them your most prized electronics they might just yawn

And if they showed you one of theirs you might just fawn

Everything that we hold dear such as electricity they probably made long ago but less flashily

Though that doesn't mean the people of the land hidden in the sky are dull and drab

O quite the contraire, they can be quite garish

They have been known (especially the royalty) to wear asymmetrical clothing with a myriad of bright colors

Peacocks and parrots have been known to get jealous

The people of they sky are known to posses very coiled and curvy brass instruments.

Their interest in the strange is evident

They love intricate and grand balls and dances

They love racing on animals

They love tinkering with old things to make new things

They love making beautifully strange looking food

Though their clothing, food, instruments and other things tend to be showy, their technological philosophy is "only what's needed"

Most of their gadgets are pretty basic and they aren't often superseded

Despite their doodads lack of extra features their lives go unimpeded

To the question of how they're very garish yet very practical: it's not much of a conundrum.

Oh, but silly me! You don't want to hear about the people do you?

You want to hear about the floating land in the sky that's oh so blue

First and foremost, lands in the sky is a better way to describe them

For there are seven of them connected to each other via various types of bridges, each land a gem

The biggest island is where most of the people live which is surrounded by lush greenery

The smallest island is home to the king and his family who are treated with exquisite and expensive scenery

The lands are all very beautiful and are home to countless flora and fauna

From weeping willows to iguanas

Some of the plants are like none you have ever seen

Punishment against litterers keeps the lands clean

Soaring up high is a hanging garden

That would put the Babylonians to shame

The weather is nice every day

From the mud you can make brilliant clay

The rainbows would make you sway

But wait, Mr. Narrator, you say.

How are there rainbows?

I will also tell you that there is a waterfall, that falls to the land below, on the second to largest island

Try not to think about these things too much.

Some have heard of the land hidden in the sky

Even less have believed the tales, regarding it with eye-rolls and sighs

Some have searched for it but never have been able to reach.

How to get there is not something I can easily teach

Explorers have wasted their lives away trying to reach it with nothing to be had

Wise men tasked with finding it eventually go mad

It is said that if you go to the ocean at dawn,

You shall be able to see the silhouette of the land, its outline more beautiful than a swan

The land hidden in the sky mostly fell out of the minds of the land-dwellers

Sparing it from some of their great follies

As well as their greatest bouts of wisdom

The land hidden in the sky and her people have been shielded from the lives of the world below...

...until now

The Earth is scorched, its land dead and gray

Some fools got together and created a giant war, not caring about the price they had to pay

It was the third of its kind and easily the worst as of this day

There are a dismal number of humans left

The waste from the weapons have poisoned most life due to decisions that were stupid at best

The Earth is stressed

The few left fear that it may fade soon, the pulse stopping in its breast

But they hear of a land in the sky that has escaped the madness

They hear of food and beauty and fun

With the distractions of the land around them fading they can clearly see the route

So with the only materials they have left they build aircrafts

So they can escape this dismal land at last

They hope they can have a blast

They hope that the crafts taking them to the land hidden in the sky are fast