"The time keeper's son" is a "His dark materials" Fanfiction that revolves around Zaman Young. He possesses the Chronopó̱ma, a stop watch that can manipulate time. It will be written by Jack Firesword.

The Chronopó̱ma:Edit

The Chronopó̱ma is a legendery object, like the Alethiometer, the subtle knife and the amber spyglass.


The Chronopó̱ma


The Chronopó̱ma has the power to control time (Chronokinesis).

It can:

  1. stop time,
  2. slow down time,
  3. or speed up time

Main Characters:Edit

Zaman Young,

Sam Young,

John Young,

Eric Huges,

Enemies: Edit

I will chose later


I will fill this in later


Chapter 1 - ???

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