It isn't big

Yet it isn't small

It is neither here

Nor there

It is not the past

It is not the future

It is not hate

It is not love

It is not abrasive

It does not hurt

It is not noisy

It is not quiet

It does not have two legs

Nor four

Nor six

Nor eight

It is not cruel

It is not kind

It is not low

It is not advanced

Yet not primitive

It can't see

It can't eat

It is not bad

It is not good

It is not old

Yet it certainly is not new

It isn't hard

But you shan't mistake it for soft

It isn't sweet

It isn't sour

It isn't selfish

It isn't selfless

It isn't ugly

It isn't beautiful

It isn't dark

And it isn't light

It won't scream

It won't shout

It won't let it all out

It is you

It is me

It is the way

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It is the Dao

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