Untold: The Lost Footage is an American independant psychological horror film directed by Adam Welks. It is inspired by found-footage films, the video game Slender, and creepypasta in general. It tells the story of an unknown person (Later known as the Cameraman), navigating a graveyard in the middle of the night, while trying to escape a creature only known as the Untold.

A sequel, Untold 2, is scheduled to be released in late 2012.


The movie opens with complete blankness, except for the sound of someone running. A camera is then shown, and the Cameraman is running into a cemetary. He finds a film reel at one of the graves, and continues searching, finding 3 more film reels.

He enters the mortuary, finding a small match and a toothpick that has been snapped in half. Taking the match, the Camerman uses the Toothpick by inserting it into a small hole in a unfinished gravestone. The gravestone shatters, and another film reel lies their. The lights dim, and the Cameraman leaves in a hurry. He takes the match and uses it to create a small smoke trail, which leads him to the next film reel, on top a large tree. The Camerman climbs up and retrieves the reel, but the tree breaks, and a snapping sound shows that the Camerman's legs have been broken.

A fire from the match begins growing, and as the view watches, a shadowy figure walks up, and the screen cuts to static.