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    Words to Say

    January 2, 2013 by CasshanZer0
    A few of you may already know me, (well one member and The Creator), and I've been on here for a small while now, but  might as well introduce myself to the rest of the community just in case the other members don't know I existed on here...until now (just saying). But there ya have it. I'm new on here, name's xXCasshernLoverXx. Drop in sometime and say Hi if ya want. I don't make many stories (and I don't think I will yet 'cause I mess up on them all the time), but I just take a lookers around, post pictures, (well when I don't mess up on those too), and say hi to others.
    A quick comment on...uhh- Sonicfan919's blog post. I do agree that this place is a ghost town, (or was) because when I joined, I was quite surprised on how... empty it w…
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