A few of you may already know me, (well one member and The Creator), and I've been on here for a small while now, but  might as well introduce myself to the rest of the community just in case the other members don't know I existed on here...until now (just saying). But there ya have it. I'm new on here, name's xXCasshernLoverXx. Drop in sometime and say Hi if ya want. I don't make many stories (and I don't think I will yet 'cause I mess up on them all the time), but I just take a lookers around, post pictures, (well when I don't mess up on those too), and say hi to others.
A quick comment on...uhh- Sonicfan919's blog post. I do agree that this place is a ghost town, (or was) because when I joined, I was quite surprised on how... empty it was. Okay, now yeah- we have what- from what I counted, 18 members (plus me), on here now. But is it enough? (for us and The Creator I mean). A few of us on here should help this wiki out and tell others about this place. I've already told a member and The Creator I would help, so will you do the same?
If you do decide to help, the people to ask that are more likely to join are writers- mostly juniors,(middle schoolers and such), from my experience, (because I am a junior), since they- or I should say we- have very active imaginations in genres such as fantasy, horror, romance- some other stuff with robots, (I think), and want to sometimes show the internet world what they got, (hoping to not have hurt feelings afterwards) but who cares, right? Positive criticism is good, but if the writing, say..."stinks," it's like telling that person over and over again, "That's good," without fixing the mistake. Negative criticism tells you to suck it up and to just write more and improve you writing- just tweak out a few things and Tada! A perfect story. That's why we should have more members on here so we can help each  other out and other fellow amateur writers (almost like me) that want to become authors. Also, it's kinda dead here without many people talking and stuff (no offense). I know there are a few junior writers on here (not to say any names or some members that I know for the safety of their identity on here), but if you can be ever so kind to tell you friends who are skilled in the art of literature if they wish to join. I think this place needs to be teeming with more members- since I for one think we need more writers and poets these days. The more the merrier.
~xXCasshernLoverXx~ :-P