Flash Sentry fisting at Snips EG2-1-

Flash tried to punch Snips.

When Flash Sentry balling his fist at Snips. It means that there's a darker roots when the dazzling possesses him entirely. It's an unusually, but rarely interceding presence of Lord KirschHeels. I'd saw within him struggling when tries to punch snips when he's brainwashed by the sirens song. I particularity happen when I don't know, Flash Sentry back on Equestria as a royal captain of the Guard, could do the same action as he was back on the human world....Does he? I don't know, back on Equestria, he's a elegant sentry and on the other world, he's a little bit aggressive and anxious. I think Lord KirshHeels is a resemblance of Flash Sentry but more perfect-obsessive,He's once defunct from Sombra's guard on Black crystal palace and now going to Equestria and found another tree of Equestria not from Equestria but on Earth received.