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    Hate to say it but...

    December 24, 2012 by Sonicfan919

    ....this place is practically a ghost town. Seriously though, this place was isolated and deserted since the day I joined. No question why found this place at Wikia's "List of Wikis in need of editors". The main page states that there are 98 pages but I seriously doubt, in fact, I KNOW that those are not all main pages. So it's no question that barely anyone comes here but my question is how can we change that?

    One of the reasons why I didn't participate in story of the month was because my story was still fairly primitive and unpolished (and it still is) the other reason is that there isn't much other stories to compete against. I know that I would most definitely lose quite badly if there are more than THREE other stories but I'd rather l…

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